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Aw, hell, for once I do feel like going to the flix on a Friday with Jbird, but that's out, because he's having his eyes dilated this afternoon.

I stopped by Dr. Lenahan's office to check it out and see if I'd think I'd like to apply to go back into Optical work. Never mind. Man, that office is packed to where they have to squeeze past each other to get to anything, and all the frames are in locked cases, so you can't really let anyone browse, there's no station at which to let a person sit and do measurements, either. Plus, I told the guy who brought out some frames for me that I would like to see about making an appt. He walked up to the desk, bummed a cig from one woman, danced around and chatted with two other of the gals, but NOT ONCE did he bother to tell any of them that I wanted to make an appt. I was completely ignored. I waited for the one person to finish making a payment, and finally one woman asked if I needed help... five minutes later. er.. I don't think I'd like it there after all. There was one cute young woman who chatted on with me about glasses and is sure that we are daughters of different mothers, but I think being around her all day would be nerve-wracking.. way, way too high energy.

Ah well, I have my resume submitted to two law offices, so we'll see if anything comes of that.

At least this made the other half of my day:

Oh, and Naomi made blog entries documenting her amazing process of her daughter Lily's Marie Antoinette costume. That's a princess costume I can certainly admire!
Thrifted sheets and no historical costuming experience of this level!



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Nov. 11th, 2013 02:12 pm (UTC)
That's a gorgeous costume! Old sheets are such versatile things - Rin's mom uses them to make quilts (one sheet for the top, one for the bottom, an old blanket in between for batting).
Nov. 11th, 2013 04:18 pm (UTC)
Fabulous. I'm seeking some out right now for making duvet covers.
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