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This journal has been closed down and migrated to Dreamwidth, for reasons we all know.
I can be found over there by my old moniker Redheadfae.

23 hours to go!

At least 10 phone calls to make, more bill auto-pay to set up, sheets in the laundry,
hair to be dyed, and follow-ups made.

Rest, breathe and then count down some more.


No more spoons

Oh, do I need this T-shirt.. I'll bet some of my friends, too.

only knives left

I can't remember how to make the pic a link, if someone does, please tell me. But here's the link to the T or a patch .. and $5 goes to Lupus Ontario for recognizing the Spoon Theory. But it really should go to the gal who first came up with it.


Bookmarking for weekend viewing

Beasts of Another Nation, because Fugunaka.

Van Gogh as Mad Scientist explains Starry Night and others:
Turbulence, or turbulent flow, is a concept of fluid dynamics where fluid movements are "self-similar" when there's an energy cascade — so basically, big eddies make smaller eddies, and those make even smaller ones ... and so on and so forth.

And Journaling, Astronauts Chronicle Missions.

These have been brought to me from Internet Rabbit Holing, thankyounotsomuch, Insomnia.

So very powerful

I hope Upworthy or one of those "and then THIS happened" sites doesn't downplay the true power of this story.
The white man in that photo

Bravo to all of these men who stood up for each other.. to the end.

This makes me even sadder that the world has lost this man. I never knew about this project.
Leonard Nimoy celebrated full-figured women through photos

Happiest of days

Yes, it's gloomy and drizzly, but I'm LOVING it because it's a great reason to loll around in my brand new GIANT bed, on brand-new sheets, pillows and covers.

Also.. HAPPIEST of birthdays to my dearest friend, clevermanka!! Lookin' great, bb!

And a poll of opinions for those of you who love luxurious sheets as much as I do:

Chime in with your fave brand/name sheets and why you like them? I'm still searching out new ones.

Single Night Court Ladies

I keep repeating this because it's short and so clever:


I had a scare with my vision on Friday, had been having "lightning flashes" and hazy sight. I made an appt and emailed Dr. Harvat, who told me "come in now". These can be normal PVD, Posterior Vitreol Detachment events, or they can be a symptom of a retinal tear from the same floater detaching from the retinal tissues. Thankfully, it was the former. I'm leaving this open as a personal PSA to my friends also hitting the mid-century mark. Have those eyeballs checked when something goes out of normal.

I found this on the newsfeed of that other place. Beware of GMO humans. He has a good message.

On his playlist, I also found this one, "Dear Mr. President". Well done, Prince Ea.

12 hr day one down, one to go

One thing about being super busy.. 12 hours goes by pretty darn fast.

Thus far I have put in 25.9 hours on the next paycheck, and it's only Monday.

At this rate, not including any days that I *might* go over on time due to being caught on a long call at quitting time, I will have 21.9 hours of overtime this week. Yes, that's on one week.


I leave you this interesting article on the sekrit Costco pricing code. Handy to have if, like me, you tend to buy and fall in love with items that are promptly discontinued. This way, we know ahead of time.
Yes, it's been five years since I turned 50, and I'm balking at knowing that yesterday I turned 55. How did that happen?
I didn't take the day off, and I'm not taking the day after off either. I did leave a couple hours early... but to get my insurance in order, not take an early cocktail. I did grown-up things that needed doing. I didn't want to go out to dinner, I wanted a pile of smoked, BBQ chicken wings in my jammies and a fluff movie. I did all those things.

And I loved every minute of it.
Thank you, supergee for the mention and good wishes. My journal is friends only for the most part, so if you're visting, you won't see much unless you ask me to add you.

Brained out tonight.

Whoa. I stayed out a little too late last night, seeing the new stuff and my old gal pals in the Passion Parties biz. I've missed them. So many of them are so positive-minded, no matter what is going on in their lives. It's a good energy to soak up.

I'm back in the swing of that, as much as I can in small spurts (ha!). So, if you know anyone needs any refills of products or would like to see the cool new stuff .. hook us up?

I'm kinds of excited to try out the new We-Vibe 4 Plus, because it comes with an app to control the vibrator. Yep, a phone app! You can dial it in from wherever you can call your partner. So Excited.

And I love the new packaging. Time to get a party put together! Would anyone out here like to attend one at my place?

I wish I had more energy to share. That's a big nope. I'm debating on calling for delivery supper.

Shades party
WeVibe 4 Plus

Squeeeee! Tesla project on Indiegogo

Dang it, so many projects out there to be funded #lotteryputtogooduseplease

Two Russian physicists plan to build the Wardenclyffe Tower and provide free energy.
Oh yes, please let this happen!

Pick n mix

Taking a poll here.. I think I know which set of frames I like for my glasses.. I just want to see if anyone agrees. So.. do me a favor and comment with your fave look for me. Bear in mind that *some* of these will come in a smaller size if they appear a little large, so if you think yes, but too big, mention it. Also, sorry about the blurry of a couple, but you get the idea of the side view of each
Thanks friends!

1 20140529_182433
2 20140529_182427
3 20140529_172649
4 20140529_172643
5 20140527_150724
6 20140527_150706 - Copy
7 20140527_150405 - Copy
8 20140527_150400 - Copy
9 20140527_084938 - Copy
10 20140527_084931 - Copy
11 20140527_084001 - Copy
12 20140527_083237 - Copy
This kid was not an emo whiner, nor was he some awkward loser. I do not believe that he was "rejected and bullied all his life for being socially very awkward".. He was a smooth sociopath, he convinced the police under questioning about his previous actions on a welfare check instigated by this mother (what? was she too busy to check on her own son.. now there's some rejection for you)... convinced the police that he was a "nice polite guy", and yet, he wrote, "I will punish all females for the crime of depriving me of sex." Touch of rape culture entitlement? No, his vitriol is totally based on it.

Yes, he was rejected.. most likely for being an asshole to the "spoiled stuck up blonde slut(s)" who "refused to give him sex", and for being an ass to his former roommate for "having a slut in his room."

This is not Asperger's. I wonder at the parents who send a kid out into the college community when he'd broken down and declared himself suicidal at the family table. Did they even believe him? Looking at his timeline in town, *he* was the bully. I'm willing to bet it didn't suddenly pop up just because he was away from home. He planned to kill his brother to keep him from passing him up.

It's not just about guns, either. He used knives to kill his roommates; he ran people down with his car. Nope, the problem goes deeper and is societal... that this jackass felt entitled to the prettiest girls, and when they didn't respond to the hatred he'd already expressed, he decided to "slaughter them all." This is misogyny, and it added up to yet another case of people noticing a problem, yet not doing enough about it.

LJ woes

WTF, LJ? I can't figure out where to manage my userpix and scrapbook off my profile now. I think the theme page I use borks up now. Can anyone help?

Musical Tesla Coils

this is The Very Best thing I've seen all week.

Sharing Part 1 Small Journalism

As I tire of the spin and media focus on crap subjects, occasionally I find gems worthy of all the polish and light we can throw on them. This is one.. my friend focuses on injustice, human trafficking, border town politics, and much more. Please consider helping her continue to put out such important work.
You can read her works for just $5 a month...you've spent more than that on a crappy newspaper or a glossy mag, I know I have. Donations can be made Here.

Black Sails opening

This is by far, the most beautiful opening sequence to a tv series that I've ever seen:

Before we go blaming All The Crazy on Kansas alone with the recent Anti-Anti-Discrimination Bill, here's apparently the head of the Hydra:

Cornerstone in Idaho, the Kansas Family Policy Council, and the Center for Arizona Policy, which supports the bill there, are all part of a network of 38 state “family policy councils” pressing for these laws under the umbrella of Citizen Link, the advocacy arm of the conservative Christian powerhouse Focus on the Family. Citizen Link says its aim is to “help citizens understand and passionately engage in policy issues relevant to families from a foundation firmly established in a biblical worldview.”

More info at (no surprise) Al-Jazeera America

Now.. what else can we do in KANSAS RIGHT NOW?

Stolen from Steve Maack

KANSANS--A few things to consider in opposing HB 2453 which legalizes discrimination:
1. Petitions are OK for getting people to sign on to a cause relatively easily, but they're not substitutes for contacting state legislators directly. Flood inboxes and answering machines with emails and calls.
2. The bill is currently in the senate judiciary committee, so right now contact the members of that committee: Senators Jeff King, Greg Smith, David Haley, Terry Bruce, Forrest Knox, Garrett Love, Julia Lynn, Carolyn McGinn, Mike Peterson, Pat Pettey, Mary Pilcher-Cook. You can contact your own senator, but he or she can only do something if it gets out of committee first.
3. I have heard a few rumors that now that senators smell the controversy surrounding this bill, they might want it to die in committee to save them the indignity of having to vote on it one way or the other. So the time to act is now while it's still in the Senate Judiciary Committee.
4. This Slate article (http://www.slate.com/blogs/outward/2014/02/13/kansas_anti_gay_segregation_bill_is_an_abomination.html), while I agree with its premise, says that the bill is virtually sure the pass the senate. That's not true. Not if we fight it.
5. Rep. Brunk's Eagle op-ed piece (http://www.kansas.com/2014/02/13/3284932/steve-brunk-bill-protects-religious.html) just sounds defensive and ridiculous, and I think senators realize that. Exploit that. There's unlikely any campaign donation gain from passing this bill, so if senators see that supporting the bill might cost them votes, they might oppose it.
Sorry if this sounds preachy, but there's a lot at stake here for Kansas and its residents. Thanks, if you made it all the way through this.

New loves


I am LOVING this new series True Detective with Woody Harrelson and (still gaunt) Matthew McConnaughey. It's dark and gritty and brilliant for both of them.


On a similar tack.. I put off watching The Dallas Buyers Club, but finally caved, and I'm very glad I did. It was very, very good.. and yes, brought back some memories, but we need to remember just how far we have come from HIV+ and AIDS being a death sentence.

The upcoming new 300 flick looks interesting. Female lead? Oh yes, please.

Have you contacted YOUR representatives today?

The Day We Fight Back
Tom Hiddleston and The Muppets Most Wanted!!!

Another Hiddleston sighting for Jaguar!

It's no secret that I only watch the SuperBowl for the ads. And the halftime show.
Bruno Mars was FABULOUS.

I thoroughly enjoy two hours or so without the "ask your doctor if n is right for you".

Here were my faves yesterday:

Most Touching from Microsoft

Cutest, just watch the commercial and skip the commentary after it.

Matrix redux with Morpheus singing opera from KIA

When the Doberhuahua attacks Sarah McLachlan's guitar!

VW Engineer Gets His Wings... I loved!!

And best trailer commercial goes to 24: Live Another Day


I've joined a friending frenzy, and although I'm not sure exactly how they work, I'm game to try. Everyone is welcome.
Kiev is a frightening place right now. How about those texts?

I'm thinking that getting a helmet just might be on the list for things good to have around in case of necessary uprising.

Grubby old T-shirts?

Hey friends! Put out the word for me, and start saving your grubby old Tshirts for me. White with stains are okay (appreciated if they are washed first), just collect them up for me. You know you have them... help me put them to good use. Muchas gracias!

Carnival School info

The Carnival School has the class list up now. The hours don't look very convenient for anything I'd like to take, darn it!
Please remember that if you sign up, put me as your referral, I'll get credit for my own class.

I ran my new little scooter round the block.. so cute. It has a gas leak, though.. probably why it was so cheap... but I'm positive we can figure it out. The guy said he rebuilt the carb.

Beautiful day! So glad to be here and healthy today.

True HOT bevvies on demand are wonderful.

Hope for Humanity

When I feel a bit down about my situation (they "chose another candidate" so I did not get the job), I look at stuff like this and I have hope for all of us.

20th Century Fox gave him 25k for a movie trailer budget, and this is what he did instead.

And in Detroit, a design grad comes up with a coat that turns into a sleeping bag to keep homeless folks warm. Now they hire women from the shelter to make them and give them a chance to get out.

My life looks pretty damn good from here. I may have lost a lot, and gained a lot of humility, but I still have a roof, food and more than I've ever had in my life.
Damn, it's annoying that some video embeds don't work on LJ.
I'm not one for the Cute Kid With Amazing Voice videos, they don't move me at all. I know, coal black lump for a heart.
Except this one. Chills, people.
Pablo is all stretched out right now, a good sign that he's feeling better. His shaved inner leg is a bit bruised and probably sore. But.. he's home and left a good size urine clump in the litterbox. Keeping an eye on that is the best I can do to make sure he's not having problems, as the antibiotics are making him sleepy. As if one could tell if a cat is sleepier than usual.

I had a less than stellar showing for the sale, but those who did help out really made a difference and I so appreciate it. You know who you are and THANK YOU SO MUCH.

With my bit of boo-hoo bah humbug, our decorations are limited this year and not as festive as usual. But, I don't mind all that much, it would just make me even more melancholy. I'm just grateful to have been able to get my truck fixed ($650+) and Pablo well.

But anyway.. look at these old photos of the old Cincinnati library!

For all the pussycats across the nation

Go on, share it! A donation of a tin of cat food to a shelter for every view. I miss Pablo very much today and this made me all weepy, too.

Springing eternal

Oh.. the lovely ladies of Advanced Style are back on my radar, and looking better than ever in the lower photos.

Keeping up, the truck did run $304 more for all the welding.. if you need and exhaust/automotive welding work, I definitely recommend Rich Johnson in N. Lawrence, he of the home-built local Batmobile fame.

Pablo did not get to come home for the weekend. Poor kitty, he's still having troubles. The bill has reached frightening levels for me so I'm posting several of my inventory items up for sale on my FB. Please, if you head over there, have caution to not connect my blog here to my FB postings. Thank you!

Basically, any orders can be placed with free shipping until about 10pm Sunday night, as long as you go personally through me and not the website.

C'mon Pablo get well!

In exciting news, Bette Midler is going to play Mae West!

And this is wonderful: Today, I Met God. I'd say he nailed it!

If that isn't enough Good Feels for you, let me point out 28 Most Iconic Feminist Moments of 2013. I don't know which I like the best, really. Perhaps Mindy.
Even though shit has hit the fan and Pablo is still under observation at the vet *sob* the infection was really bad... things are getting better.
I have a very good shot at a temp position for the Golf Course Superintendents' Association. I'll let that sink in for a minute. Okay, you can stop laughing now. Because part of the assignment is 5 days in Florida for the conference. In Feb. You know, when we're about to go batshit crazy from winter.
Pay isn't great, but... better than the about to be cut off emergency unemployment.. especially when there's diddly squat for assignments and jobs right now.

I'm having a sale on several products on Facebook right now, so if you're interested drop me a note, and I'll clue you in. One thing on sale is the Soft and Silky Shave Lotion and Protective spray, for $25 (and tax/shipping) or $10 for just the Lotion. Also Clean & Simple spray toy cleanser, and the Pear flavor Embrace lube.
I'm offering deals on everything that is ordered online, because I really need a boost this month. Order deadline for Xmas delivery is the 16th. Thank you for any and all support.

People are amazing

I have to post this, just to get a momentary lift.

And that led me to this:

Change for the better

After much deliberation and a near chickening out this morning, this happened, cut to hide the cut:Collapse )My eyes checked out okay, but the astigmatism has doubled, which explains my weird "shadowing" vision. Good to know it's correctable, although it's back to glasses if I want to see very well.Should I go for these glasses?Collapse )


Well, there's three

So the truck has to go back because the tie rod fix did not take care of the noise, and after leaving it all day Friday, the conclusion is that it needs a new ball joint. *sigh*
And then Jbird had a near flat tire that went back down a second time, so we took THAT in and he had a big nail in it. Thankfully, fixable and no new tire needed.

So, Saturday.. the Choose Joy seminar. I had wondered how 'choosing Joy' fitted in with the Train Your Brain bit, and this pieced it together for me. Basically, how Train Your Brain works is to get you out of the Cycle of Perpetual Sameness (negative thoughts, negative actions, negative results). This goes a bit deeper than simple Positive Thinking, which can feel bloody false. Think of it this way.. say you buy a Ford Fusion. You've never really noticed them before, but suddenly there are dozens of them out on the road. You wave at each other, feel a little lift and notice more and more of them when you're out.
Same sort of thing: there aren't MORE FFs on the road, but now your subconscious has raised them into your conscious mind and you see them apart from all the other vehicles out there. So.. getting out of a shitty mindset involves training the conscious mind to see positives and feel the emotion of being lifted up by them, then the subconscious strives to find more matches and you do start seeing more, thereby feeling better. how this happensCollapse )
Then we spent the afternoon on Vision Boards.. more on that to come.
Dad's home and well.

Here's a thought, waking in the middle of the night is normal, not insomnia. Well, if we lived a few hundred years ago, that is.
"I tell them that what they are experiencing is a throwback to the bi-modal sleep pattern."

Here's something fun: Recycle your broken sex toy! You'll get a $10 credit with Scarlet Girl. But please come back and see me ;) I've got the new We-Vibe 4 and the Leaf Vitality 2, or at least I will have by next week. I'm really thrilled to see these new toys, because, you know, fully submersible, USB-chargable, and remote control.. yah! Plus.. new men's body goodies,

V day launch

I've got to get some parties on the calendar, I got the blues in November and need to get ramped up for the upcoming holiday/pre-Valentine season. (Of course, my dear friends are welcome to see anything without a party, just ask)

Did not need this.

Part of having car knowledge is knowing exactly what to dread when those clunk/bang things happen.

I was right. Need new tie rods on the passenger side of the Blazer. Goodbye $300 right before the holidays.
In good news, I have chosen my presents for Jbird to buy me. All at Kohl's, on my card. :D

And for those of us loving layering, Target has some fabulous Mossimmo long sleeve Ts and cardis, and all manner of sweaters PERFECT for it. I wish I could drop more cash, because I'd be set for some lovely basics.

Dad had his hip replaced yesterday. Two bags of blood transfusion last night, and it all sounds like things went very well. I'm going to try calling him today.
I wondered when someone would post about Katy Perry's Kimono act on the AMAs.

I think it's time for me to explore a Candida cleanse. The ringing in my ears is about driving me mad, and I have the "burning tongue" and soreness. This looks pretty easy to try for a start.

And because I like things simple, I found these pages:

Foods to Avoid

Foods to Eat

There is also a simple at home test and lots of info on symptoms here. I have too many of these to even think about right now.


Dammit. I really like Paul Walker and that whole Fast and Furious series.. I wonder how they are going to wrap up #7 now?

Nov. 30th, 2013

The blessing of having Thanksgiving run so late this year is a shortened holiday marketing crush. I'm ready for it on the eve of December.. bring it! Our lights are going up and I decided on a tiny tabletop tree as opposed to putting up the massive monstrosity that only is way too much work for just two people to enjoy. I'll be selling off the 6ft white tree, probably with all the big red globes.
Lighted garlands are going to stay, because I love the way they make the house feel all magical during the darkest time of the year.

A Grand Turfing Out is about to take place, since I have no assignment for next week. Also, Grand Job Search, since (thankyounot, KS "leaders") my Unemployment Benefits will end Dec 31, regardless of me having funds in my account. Grand Sell Off of unneeded costuming/craft/thingies will also take place.

Let me know if you have an interest in any of the above.
Also, I'm running a Big Sale on my Passion Parties products this weekend, so do let me know if you have an interest in anything before the end of this month, which is Sunday night. I have two of the Leaf Vitality on deep discount, as well as some Glitter Body Gel and Nibblers.

Happy "Friday" to you all

New Wave has aged gracefully.. I could still just eat Annie Lennox alive.
But, poor Pete Burns, oh ouch.. did Donatella send him to her surgeon?

Need a lift this morning? Pictures to show you that there's hope for humanity. It's worth the look.

and the tips were amazing

I've refrained from the whole "don't shop on .. day" lately. It's not that I don't dislike the whole "how much can we BUY BUY BUY" theme, it's that I don't agree with singling out the day this year. What makes people think that EVERYONE has a big happy family eat a big bird day to "celebrate"?

I also didn't get it as a paid holiday most of the time because I worked in hospitality.. specifically a
24/7 casino or two, where holidays when folks who had no families came out in droves to while away a few hours, and the tips were amazing.

If you can't think of other reasons why it's not a big deal to some workers, let's start with healthcare, gas stations, grocery stores, movie theaters, law enforcement, firefighters, plumbers, utility providers.. and wow, as someone mentioned in the comments, WHAT ABOUT THE FOOTBALL PLAYERS? and stadium workers at those games people love to watch on holidays? They don't get it at home either.

So, with that, I liked this blog entry and the graphic:

AMA fashion and vids

I had an amazing faboo fashion post with clips from the AMAs last night, but I've not been able to fix it up. Busy!
Still, here's a sampling of the Good and Bad, but nothing, absolutely nothing beats this number that Ciara showed up in.

On that commercial with James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell...There are more!



So, back to the AMA Awards and the dancers aren't all stick-thin.. color me impressed... and laughing at the tongue-in-cheek poke at the twerk controversy by PitBull.

Hot stuff

My dream car is the Tesla Roadster, the electric sports car that is the sexiest and safest thing around.

I find it interesting that the Roadster's end appearance from that accident was very similar to my little Solstice, which also sacrificed itself so that we could walk away unharmed. Check it out:

The Tesla

and my late RSOL

Cars are built to protect us these days.

And now I find out that when that lottery ticket comes in, my Jbird can get a matching pick-up truck!


Oh WHEEEE.. excitement at work.. a fire in the dumpster! Funny, there was one last year when I was temping at LMH as well.
Don't look at me that way!

The Underpants Rule

I love this blog!

I have found there are rules that, if I follow them, usually steer me in the right direction. There’s the Golden Rule (treat others as you would like to be treated) though I prefer the Platinum Rule (treat others as THEY would like to be treated). But my most favorite life rule is The Underpants Rule and not just because I named it, and not just because its widespread implementation would end about 90% of the jackassery and fuckwittery that happens on the internet, and maybe 50% that happens in the real world.

The Underpants Rule is simple: everyone is the boss of their own underpants so you get to choose for you and other people get to choose from them and it’s not your job to tell other people what to do. To illustrate, if you’re considering saying something that starts with

People should
Everyone ought to
What people need to do
We should all
Nobody should
You shouldn’t
blah blah things that have to do with underpants that aren’t yours blah blah

then there is a 99.9% chance that you are about to break The Underpants Rule. The only “exception” to this for me is about Civil Rights because they are not to be voted on or conferred, they just are, therefore everybody needs to respect everybody else’s civil rights.

Of course telling you that you should follow the Underpants Rule is, in fact, breaking the Underpants Rule which is pesky, so let me instead make a case for the Underpants Rule and then you can make your own choice.

I chose a Health at Every Size practice because I am a fan of research, logic and math. I think that the research clearly shows that a HAES practice give me a much better shot at health with way less downside risk than a weight loss- based health practice.

There are people who think the exact opposite of that. I know that because they come here and tell me so – they say that I’m making a “dangerous choice”, they quote research and tell me that I should make a different choice. This blog is my little corner of the internet. It exists only because I created it and I am thrilled to pieces that people enjoy reading it, that people get inspired by it, that it gives people information to make choices etc. I try very hard to make sure that I always follow the Underpants Rule and never tell anyone else how they have to live and yet people come here and try to tell me how to live. That’s annoying.

For this reason, I would never go onto someone’s weight loss blog and tell them all about Health at Every Size and quote research as to why I think it’s a better choice. Those are not my underpants.

I do not enjoy (or believe) it when people tell me that I need to become smaller to be attractive. Therefore I would never say that thin women need to become larger to be attractive. Besides the fact that I don’t believe it, those are not my underpants. (Not to mention that the path to high self-esteem is probably not paved with hypocrisy so doing to someone else exactly what you don’t want done to you may be ill-advised.)

The war on obesity is an underpants rule breakdown on a massive scale. A group of government, public and private interests (with various profit and political motivations) has chosen a group of people who are identifiable by sight and is now trying to tell us everything from how we have to prioritize health, to the path we have to take to become healthy, to how our bodies have to look. Who died and made them Underpants Overlord? Nobody.

My metaphorical underpants and my actual underpants have something in common: if I want somebody else in them, that person will be among the very first to know. I have definitely not invited the executives at HBO, Kaiser Permanente, the government, or the diet industry into my underpants.

Now, I’m not telling what to do (cause, you know, Underpants Rule) but I’m suggesting that if you don’t like it when people attempt to be the boss of your underpants, then trying to be the boss of someone else’s is pretty hypocritical. I’m fairly certain that “Do unto others exactly what you don’t want them to do to you” is the lead rule or the brick rule or something – at any rate a LOT of steps down from platinum and gold.

Remember, you are forever the boss of your underpants – occupy your underpants (with a nod to reader Duckie for that phrase)! I’m going off to see if there is a Guinness World Record for number of times the word underpants is used in a blog.


For myself, I will allow exceptions for friendly snark sessions between friends.

I also applaud her post on Horrible Holiday Diet Tips.

Happy Veterans' Day

My love and support goes out to those who have supported us with their lives and their sacrifice.

Mum almost named me Poppy for being born today. So glad she didn't. ;)

A local man has been arrested for killing his wife, and as the story has developed, it becomes obvious what went terribly wrong here. Desperation is driving people into doing things that were unthinkable to them at one time. This falls on the heels of an acquaintance's suicide, not only due to depression, but desperation, he was being evicted from his long time home.

On a better note, this young woman is amazing. How wonderful to find such a passion at such a young age.
Aw, hell, for once I do feel like going to the flix on a Friday with Jbird, but that's out, because he's having his eyes dilated this afternoon.

I stopped by Dr. Lenahan's office to check it out and see if I'd think I'd like to apply to go back into Optical work. Never mind. Man, that office is packed to where they have to squeeze past each other to get to anything, and all the frames are in locked cases, so you can't really let anyone browse, there's no station at which to let a person sit and do measurements, either. Plus, I told the guy who brought out some frames for me that I would like to see about making an appt. He walked up to the desk, bummed a cig from one woman, danced around and chatted with two other of the gals, but NOT ONCE did he bother to tell any of them that I wanted to make an appt. I was completely ignored. I waited for the one person to finish making a payment, and finally one woman asked if I needed help... five minutes later. er.. I don't think I'd like it there after all. There was one cute young woman who chatted on with me about glasses and is sure that we are daughters of different mothers, but I think being around her all day would be nerve-wracking.. way, way too high energy.

Ah well, I have my resume submitted to two law offices, so we'll see if anything comes of that.

At least this made the other half of my day:

Oh, and Naomi made blog entries documenting her amazing process of her daughter Lily's Marie Antoinette costume. That's a princess costume I can certainly admire!
Thrifted sheets and no historical costuming experience of this level!


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